01 February 2010

January Pics

My apologies for such a quiet week. I am still trying to get into a groove. . . we also have been hit by the super-bug. Yup. Boo was sick. Again. This time, I hit him with antibiotics and he seems to be resting well tonight. More on medicine in Dubai another time. . .

Because. . . it is past midnight (oops, missed my January 31 deadline to post!) and I am off to bed. But first I would like to post a few pictures from January in Dubai. Enjoy!

Fossil hunting. . . future paleontologist?

Removable, re-stickable, really colorful. Best boy room ever.

Sunset in Mirdif.

A great big thank you! to AnnMarie in Alaska for helping me with positioning pictures in my post. Cut and paste. It doesn't get any easier than that :)

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  1. Glad to help any time. Keep the stories and photos coming.