03 January 2010

New Skill #1

Today I learned how to place a picture on my blog. Sweet. As you can see folks, there is a huge learning curve here! My posts might be a bit limited for a while as I learn to use the blogging program/set up my blog. I know, I should have done this all in advance, but had I taken that approach it might be another year before I got started. At least this way I have a reason to push myself to do this. To git 'r done!

On another note, it is finally cooling down here in Dubai. I even wore jeans and a long-sleeved shirt today. At some point I asked myself, since when is 75F cool? This on a day when it is -30F back home.

At some point, I will sit down and journal the events that led up to our moving to the United Arab Emirates. I would also like to include some of the highlights of our first year-and-a-half of living in Sharjah and Dubai. What an experience this has been.

p.s. The Header photo is the view of the Corniche in Sharjah from our 16th story flat when we lived there in 2008/2009. My profile picture is the sunset over the gulf. Both photos were taken by my husband, Marc. Thanks baby!


  1. We just got a link from your folks to your blog. I would love to hear about your time in Sharjah and Dubai. I don't know much about life where you are and look forward to reading more about your experiences. I admire you and your family for taking on such an adventure.

  2. Thank you AnnMarie. We feel the same about your adventure in Alaska!